moFtdi - Isolated, Voltage Translating USB to Serial


moFtdi - Isolated, Voltage Translating USB to Serial

  • Based on FTDI FT232R for automatic serial port recognition

  • Accepts 1.87-5.5V voltage range and automatically translates

  • Provides 3.75 kVRMS isolation for 30 seconds

  • Provides 433V isolation continuously

  • Withstands +/- 10kV Surge per IEC 61000-4-5

  • Uses “normal” 6 pin header

  • RTS and DTR outputs for in-circuit programming of target micros

  • USB mini connector

We’ve used TTL level usb to serial converters for years. They’re just too useful for console and programming ports for everything from small microcontrollers to larger micro’s running OS’s. But, we’ve had troubles through the years: mysterious boot problems, intermittent issues that take weeks to debug. Why? USB to serial converters connect the ground of your PC/Laptop to the ground of the thing you’re working on. It can be fine, but it also can be the source of hard to find problems that take forever to figure out. Or, worse: connect to a circuit whose ground is very different than your PC/Laptop and…… well, we have friends that have had things catch on fire, or have the entire USB in their laptop get blown.

moFtdi is the solution. Like other USB to serial converters, it is based on the venerable FT232R, but we added isolation and voltage translation to it. The result: consistent and reliable console and programming without the the nagging feeling that something is off.

Plus, we switched up a few pins on the “normal” 6 pin header to bring out DTR and RTS, both outputs, so that you can automatically program microcontrollers that take a boot mode pin. RTS goes to the reset line on your micro, and DTR goes to the boot mode pin. We program STM32’s, ESP32’s and more without ever lifting a finger to swap power or hit a reset button, it’s all automatically done from scripts.

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